Haircelerate invites you to be intentional about your own hair journey.

Haircelerate is intentional about healthy, nourished and growing hair. Our purpose is to educate woman on how to love and care for their hair by treating it from the follicle through the shaft of the hair, systemically. We aim to be the reason behind your good hair seasons and the solution to your bad hair days!
Slater Co.

About us

Growing up in a community and culture where hair was always a topic of discussion, Berenice Slater struggled to be defined by what was perceived to be ‘good hair’. 


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Meet some Haircelerators who are intentional about their hair

“I couldn’t have asked for a BETTER product to use on my hair... I have been using the vitamins from 2018 and I am very happy with the results. My hair is thicker and so much healthier. Their 5in1 power packed oil finishes off my look, adding just enough moisture and without a "oily look", what more could a girl ask for. Thank You Haircelerate!!!”
“I started using haircelerate in April 2020 and it’s been a game changer in my natural hair journey😅. I started with the deep treatment butter, incorporated the oil recently. The hair growth is noticeable, my hair is healthier and breakage has reduced tremendously, my hairline is fuller. I’ve never been happier with my hair”


"I have been using the haircelerate hair growth capsules from May 2020 and I have seen such amazing results. My hair is so much thicker and the growth has been amazing. Thank you haircelerate for allowing me to love my hair journey"

"I've been using the 5 in 1 oil since the beginning of 2019 and recently started with the Shea butter treatment and my hair never felt better! My hair is stronger, healthier and the growth is just amazing. Thank you so much Haircelerate for teaching me the importance of being Intentional!"

"I always battled with my hair loss and tried so many vitamins on the market. I started using Haircelerate from May and saw a difference in my hair. My hair has volume and saw new growth. Thank you Haircelerate"

"99 problems but my hair ain't one. "But Zee, you've always had hair" they say. "It never grew as fast and thick before the vitamin" I respond. People often mistake my hair for a wig, thanks to the Haircelerate hairgrowth vitamin . Yes, you can touch it, it's real ."


Healthy strong Hair. 5 in 1 Power pack oil and vitamins. Less breakage. More Energy 💪


"I have been using the power packed 5 in 1 hair oil for about 2 weeks and I love the results on my hair. It  definitely serves as a protective weapon against heat or any styling"

"Just like the truest form of beauty, Haircelerate allowed my natural hairs beauty to shine from the inside out... And yes that was intentional"


"Haircelerate has changed the way my hair grows forever "


"Haircelerate power packed oil and Shea butter is the absolute best for managing and maintaining my daughter's soft curls. Her curls remains hydrated and perfectly defined."

"Cutting my hair off meant more to me than what people saw. I let go of so much baggage. Now that I've embarked on my natural hair journey, I feel so liberated. Haircelerate has been my hair's go to "food" and helped me accomplish a happier and healthier lifestyle. I am honoured to be associated with this brand."

"I've been using haircelerate oil for a few months and I love how great it is with my hair. My hair doesn't usually work with other products but haircelerate has really been working for me and my hair is so much healthier. Thank you haircelerate."
"The Haircelerate 5 in 1 oil has been my absolute go to.. It smells amazing and makes my hair feel satin soft. I use if for curls and when I straighten my hair. I have less frizz and static while adding some shine...I could not be more intentional about my hair without it!"

"Just like the truest form of beauty, Haircelerate allowed my natural hairs beauty to shine from the inside out... And yes that was intentional"


"Haircelerates intensive shea butter treatment is exactly what my hair needed! Not only does this super-enriched product smell amazing but it revitalised my hair from root to tip, leaving it feeling soft, silky and looking amazing. I use this product as a treatment after I wash my hair leaving it on for 30min and also as a leave in treatment for my wetlooks to lock in all the moisture. I adore this treatment and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for luscious hair !"


"I have been using HAIRCELERATE products since January 2020 and trust me when I say I can definitely see a difference. Not only does my hair have alot more volume but it's grown immensely. It also looks and feels alot more healthier. I especially enjoy the Intensive Shea Butter Treatment. I use it as a treatment the day before I wash my hair, as a leave in treatment, when doing protective hairstyles and even when I'm in a hurry and I'm throwing my hair in a quick bun. Annddd I can't get over how good it smells lol. Thank you Slater Co for introducing me to healthier hair"
"Going natural and maintaining your natural hair isn't easy. It's a journey that requires patience, a lot of your time and effort. That's until you start finding products that work and your hair loves. The Haircelerate Shea butter 6 in 1 oil has been a game changer. With my usual hair routine, I use protective hairstyles and tend to lose moisture by the 3rd day. The Shea Butter Treatment has held it out for so much longer. There has been no flaking and it leaves your hair super soft. Along with the silk turban that doesn't abandon while you sleep (as it is with most bonnets), my excitement for what Haircelerate has in store grows daily🌸"

“The Haircelerate power packed hair oil leaves my hair and scalp feeling moisturized and rejuvenated. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone needing moisture and a stronger strand of hair ❤️”

"Before i started using Haircelerate, i had very thin hair and a few bald patches. It was so bad that i actually got really depressed about my hair. Within a few weeks of using the haircelerate vitamins and 5-in-1 oil, i so a big difference. My hair was fuller and i could see hair growing on the bald spots. Haircelerate has brought my confidence back."


Haircelerate is intentional about long, healthy and nourished hair. Our formula is made up of intentional hair nutrients that work from the inside out to grow, maintain and restore your beautiful hair. Together with a good hair care regimen, results are visible within 60-90 days.

Haircelerate Hair Vitamins are formulated with intentional hair specific VITAcelerate nutrients that nourish and grow your healthiest hair from the inside out, it does this by:

  • Improving overall health with Biotin and amongst other ingredients, Vitamin A, C and D
  • Improves elasticity of hair
  • Increases the strength of hair strength from the hair follicle
  • Improves overall health of hair by restoring and maintaining the natural hair shafts building blocks
  • Reduces breakage by strengthening hair

Haircelerate specifically stimulates the growth of viable hair follicles and the amount of hair on other areas of the body will not increase due to the follicle and growth process differing from the head.

Haircelerate is a dietary supplement with no reported side effects at this time.

We recommend that you speak to your doctor or healthcare professional on the number of vitamin intake.

We recommend 2 tablets a day, with or without food.

No, your hair will not, however at Haircelerate we encourage being intentional about your hair regime and continuous hair care journey.

Yes! Haircelerate thought about the men too.

You can contact us via email or telephonically  (see contact us for details).